POWER UP™: Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring

Is there a talent that you want to develop?

A habit you want to shake and new ones to create?

A personal or professional stage that you wish to reach?

A change you want to bring about?

Power Up™ is a direct and tailored coaching and mentoring platform to assist you in your personal journey towards any goal/s and aspirations you may have that you feel something is in the way of you achieving them. Facilitated flexibly through a variation of platforms to accommodate where you are at, your requirements and needs, Power Up™ provides coaching and mentoring under the core principles of the platforms offered, or tailored directly to a specific need. My role is to get you knowing that you know and have everything you need to move you from where you are and to assist you in the direction best suited to you, so you can Power Up. Coaching and Mentoring is distributed dependent on personal circumstance, either or, or combined on a circumstantial basis and to how will most benefit you.

Foundation: Self Esteem, Mindfulness, Creativity. | Promoting: Ownership, Personal Responsibility and Self Mastery.

Youth Coaching, Mentoring and Training

This service offers on site coaching and mentoring for youth and teachers specifically in the schooling environment. Youth are enthusiastic spirits with curious minds, with talent they are unaware they have and don’t know what to do with – they also don’t know what to do with the idleness that comes with the unknowing. Providing this platform is designed to empower them with tools and resources that equip them well enough to take ownership and pride in their independent approach to learning and professional development.

Private Tuition and Home Education

Parents and guardians are noticing, preferring and becoming much more open to the benefit the flexibility and receptiveness in approach through an education that is tailored to suit their child exclusively rather than a “one size fits all” approach. This method can be damaging and detrimental to a young person’s focus, confidence, direction and overall school experience. Much can be achieved when a child is enthused with the energy and education approach that suits them individually taking into account their personality, learning style, talents, strengths, a healthy acknowledgement and appreciation of their weaknesses building a well-rounded young person ready for a transition into further or higher education or into employment. The Middle (wo)Man Empowerment Academy uses a Coaching element to discover the qualities and character of the student and the developmental and progression areas to focus on using a framework of topics that shape their thought process into one that serves and sustains them well. 

If your child is struggling with any of the following;

  • The transition from Primary to Secondary education 
  • The new workload pattern
  • Self Esteem and Confidence 
  • Strong exam and revision strategies E.g. focus, absorbing and retaining information, stress and self management
  • Academic/ Careers direction

Creating Yours is a great platform that supports and focuses specifically on these areas and/or direct coaching for a targeted area and flexible and personalised approach.



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