Expose. Engage. Inspire. Empower.

The Middle (wo)Man Empowerment Academy is a creative education empowerment platform. It does what it says “on the tin” (in the yellow tab above); expose, engage, inspire, empower – which ever choice of service you explore, you will go through that flow of a journey. Entitled The Middle (wo)Man for the sole reason that I am the middle woman and the ‘go to’ between where you currently are and where you want to be and will be.

Many are plodding along, grabbing on to short bursts of fleeting happiness and escaping from the rest. What if there was more? A better way to manage yourself and your life? There is more. There is a better way.

You are a product of your environment so place yourself in prosperous spaces – you have no business in impoverish surroundings – and if the only place you can get to is in your mind then let that become your most prosperous space and start there with a strong vision.

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– Unknown

My name is Bee. Founded, developed and delivered by myself, I’ve designed a set of courses/ platforms and resources – similar in approach but different in style and content to deliver and reach differing ages and stages of life. The curriculum is called Edited as we are editing everything that once was and currently is, unravelling, and reinventing.

Born independent to it’s now supporting peers, Creating Yours was created as a sole curriculum for youth to catch the components and areas that had fallen through the National Curriculum and form a carefully considered and designed programme to work alongside what is taught in secondary education.

Developed further whilst working with my brother who I homeschooled, this is wholeheartedly inspired by my personal journey as a student who didn’t fit in, didn’t get traditionally commanding grades, fell into unfavourable activity, didn’t do anything in a conventional, society expectant way but full of love for humanity, an abnormal ambition, creativity, drive and vision; damn sure knew she was going to be an incredible being with a strong influence and no average existence.

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Let’s stop telling our children if they don’t pass an examination, they have failed, will not amount to anything or are not smart, and help them to determine their learning style, their way of absorbing information, talents that lie elsewhere; if they are more of a creative or have a stronger intelligence over intellect. The “one size fits all” approach no longer accommodates and actually does not fit most; sabotaging the growth and greatness of so many. Equally so, let us grown ones stop falling into traps of thinking that suggest we stop, and does stop us going after what we really want and tap into unacknowledged abilities and create a distinctive, determined vision and direction.

We are in an age where there is more than ever before and an era where you literally have to fight to avoid information in the very accurate words of global Motivational Speaker and Coach Tony Robbins; however, it would seem as though young people are doing and achieving less with more and generations before are being filtered through resources being offered to a very select age scale, majority 18-25/30, as so commonly seen, accepting what is given, living mediocre experiences and leading unfulfilled lives.

At The Middle (Wo)Man Empowerment Academy, I know and fiercely maintain that we never stop learning and that everything is a training so fusing the two together the MWEA offers a variation of platforms for all ages giving you a well-rounded educational/ training and coaching experience to;

  • Open and broaden your mind
  • Heighten your knowledge
  • Extract strengths
  • Develop talents
  • Visit potential blocks through outdated patterns of thought
  • Expand your vision and goals and create new avenues for yourself where traditionally this may not have been or feels no longer available or accessible
  • Overflow in high and healthy self esteem so the next step in your journey can be taken in confidence. – And that is my vision.
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We know what we are, but not what we may be

William Shakespeare

The goals that each one have will vary but what unites us is that we are all working to achieve great things and accomplish highly.

The magic is in the content and the engagement with it – discovering awareness, a mindful approach, introduction to a personal power that allows you a better handle (management) and control of self and circumstances, a creativity that lies within everyone and a new found relationship with yourself – opening, renewing and creating avenues to so many opportunities for your strengths to soar, whatever your age; whether you are fifteen or fifty!

I don’t love gimmicky “formulas to success”, I prefer to provide a sounding board, tools, quality techniques and practices to powerfully and purposefully perform and progress, acting very much as a source to resources and advocate for becoming and stepping into your best self.

Welcome to The Middle (wo)Man Empowerment Academy.