I’m all about creating positive experiences and offsetting the not so positive – this goes a long way to the upkeep of a happy experience but what also must be looked at is the areas concerning ours, our loved ones and others safety, streets and society overall.

What is going on?

Three areas I want to look at closely and that I want to tackle is;


There appears to be a decline in Mental Health, ever more so in young people. This can be for one reason or many combined including past experience, stressful or pressured conditions e.g. family, relationships, exams and over thinking of future circumstances. What I notice is an escapism from these thoughts that carry a lot of weight and usually this escapism involves the use and over use of Social Media. There lies two unhelpful strategies if no management over actual thoughts is occurring. Escaping the thoughts that arise for a time will divert focus but they will only resurface until the actual enquiry into the source of their presence takes place. Escaping into Social Media, where many platforms are now used leaves the mind open to receive – young people have access to such a wide variety of information, however these platforms also deliver inappropriate content that the capacity of their understanding cannot comprehend, digest, appreciate as the right or wrong or even acceptable way to behave. What’s more is that they are not asking questions anymore, they ask Google and Youtube and form beliefs and unhealthy views and perceptions on standard and rightful behavior based on this, developing deep seated patterns of thought; communication is diluted at an age where conversation is already scarce and they are more enclosed; worsened by every screen engaged in and exposed to. A healthy balance and maintenance of dialogue about their growth, development, concerns is necessary. Comparing and competing, consequently lowering self esteem, exposed to filtered images of what they should look like, what they should be like, what they should have, how they should live all contribute to a mind that should not be placed around these areas as this adds to an already pressured stage in their life moving focus away from what should be a learning and developmental experience and not over to whether they are good enough, meeting, through unimportant factors, standards of living that don’t exist.


I think it is fair to say that we are seeing an increase in crime and if not there is definitely a strong focus around it, including knife attacks, acid attacks and exploitation and theft. It’s okay to say “more policing, stricter consequences” but these acts involves a mindset, a set of thoughts leading into the action of for example; carrying and using a weapon and this is not addressed through an already strained youth/police exchange. Out of fear you carry a “weapon”; to gain “superiority” in the eyes of peers, perhaps; an inherited lifestyle – this is what you’ve grown up surrounded by and are following suit; visual or verbal influence – it can be for so many different reasons. An open dialogue WITH young people to allow a deeper understanding of what their thoughts are and a platform for them to be honest and open without restriction and reprimand, platforms that encourage inspiration, motivation, a desire to succeed, to want to be better/ do better is required. Cuts; Crime; Trouble on the streets; any time you hear young people there seems to be a negative association linked to them and if this is all that young people are hearing, all that is going to be offered the likelihood of inflicting positive change is going to be a slow process without hope, encouragement, empowerment and positive direction. How motivated would you be if all you heard about yourself and your future was this? Would you be enthused about life if this was all that was offered as a representation of you which doesn’t truly reflect you? How emotionally affected would you be constantly hearing and potentially even seeing youth crime happening on these platforms that so many young people have? It’s not good enough.


It is a very broad matter to simply make the statement that suggests “social media has a strong/ negative influence.” Much of the content is chosen for us, meaning we are having less control over what our minds are actually being fed. Gone are the days where you would “send a friend request” and see only that friends posts, pictures and content – we now see what they like, have “liked”, we have ads that are unsympathetic to age providing you have consented to being “of age”. Clips and content of violence, sex, inappropriate images and more is open and accessible and it is damaging the minds of an already fragile and developing mind. The time being spent on social media is a concern – every free moment and usually for no purpose, again filling time and escapism. Ads, encouraging exploration and entry into through marketing ploys, some based on cookies, some not. Much time is being wasted where it could be put to better use, if they knew how. Young people have a ball of energy that needs somewhere to go, somewhere to net. If not specifically placed this energy finds itself in a screen or the streets; you could say better a screen than the streets, however each one endangering in their own way; one, physically and the other, mentally.


Each one carries their own set of complex reasoning and approaches to improve however equally all are interconnected and one feeds off and into the other as can be noted from aboves reading.


Young people appear to be struggling in one or more of these areas although it’s not restricted to this age group.

What can be done?

An engaging and expansion of their minds. They want to be engaged. They need to be engaged. They can only expand through exploring and seeing more, getting to know what can be achieved and is accessible and what they are able to do and allowed a choice of potential accomplishments.

Encouragement and a teaching to connect with themselves, not always seeking others for company – learning to be with the self and enjoy it. Connecting with others – in a healthy, authentic way; off and on social media.

Access to free activities, a platform for these to be widely explored. Platforms, spaces and sounding boards for young people to come and engage their creativity, their “boredom”, their being, to spark inspiration and ignite enthusiasm.

Book a coaching session here or contact services@theempowermentacademy.co.uk for group/school workshop. Purchase a guide here for further information on relating subject matters. See, also, Occupied Minds and Creating Your Queendom/ Kingdom.

What can I do?

Much talent is being wasted among generations especially in youth; not because they don’t have it but becauae they don’t know what to do with it. I want to empower those with what already lies within, awakening their potential through thoughtfully created and executed resources and strategies via coaching and mentoring using what I saw and learnt through my education experience that is needed and necessary and what I’ve seen also in my brothers and the improvement in his interpersonal qualities whilst teaching him with a structured set of work but in an approach suited to him and the way he learns best. Why is it that I often hear “… setting them up for the workplace”, but never anything to do with the setting up to sustain the self?Through my study of the mind and behavior, much prompted by my general interest in people watching but equally so my experience with mental health that opened up an avenue to areas that aren’t touched upon in school, outside of school, in only select groups, but highly and increasingly necessary, I can offer a safe space, solid, strong, engaging strategies and a sounding board with a platform for growth. Focus areas include bringing attention to talents, training the mind out of practiced thought patterns, development of the self and creating a strong foundation for continued personal and professional accomplishment. A tenacious curiosity, attention to study and application, meticulous inquisitive approach to learning and using experience as a lesson banking has fortuned me greatly to discover and create and I offer a hold hand but no excuses style when working with clients of all ages. We must begin to get intelligent with our emotion and how we manage our self, to get in line with what we are bringing about in our experience, to further execute our experience.

What can you do?

Maintain as open as a relationship with your child as you can – although not always easy it is a responsibility that comes part and parcel in being a parent and is for the greater good so they always feel they have a sounding board and so to PREVENT, or at least minimise exposure and PROTECT their physical being and mental wellbeing. 

What happens if we don’t?

The streets in which we walk will continue to swarm in pointless crime. while our young people are witnessing it first hand, through videos etc. some finding themselves a victim of it, others succumbing to criminal activity and falling into that world; both such unfortunate outcomes and not either one I, nor should anyone be happy to allow to continue without some kind of intervention.

Education is majorly affected and standards will fall – creating a knock on effect – not because of money or budget cuts or whatever else attaches itself to the reason these circumstances present themselves and keep on occurring but because nobody is taking a firm handle on it and addressing it for what it is and from its root cause up – if who should won’t, then others have to; each and every young person has the potential to do great things and each one deserves the platform to permit that and allowed that advantage, no exceptions – there is no bad child.

Health takes a plunge, whether it be physically, mentally or both and unfortunately we are not always present, in the fast paced expectations that are held of most and many are not always equipped to detect the signs of a need to step in or directly address it.

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