Don’t try to be as good as Paul in what Paul is good at. You’ll piss yourself off. That’s me being brutally honest. Learn what you are good at and become great at it. That’s YOUR thing. Often, we try to be as good as the next person in something we are not or something that doesn’t suit us or fit what we are about (that doesn’t mean we can’t be, it means we currently aren’t). Get great at what your strengths are. Let that be YOUR thing. Let Pauls thing be his thing. Comparing and competing are rotten, rubbish and unsuccessful ways of managing yourself (and quite frankly you could be having a better quality of thought; one that empowers you and lifts you up, not poos on your confidence).
There is a lyric from a song that reads as follows: Too much watchy watchy watchy, too much sss sss sss {too much watching (others) and talking (about what others are doing)} = A recipe for distress.

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