My Little Luxe Diagram is to help you understand how we all approach life at times, how this affects us and how to improve – if we have the know how we can apply the know how.

If my mood is managed and life determined by the weather e.g. how sunny and hot it is, if he/she calls or how many likes I received on Instagram, I will always be up and down like a yoyo and I will not have a good day if those things don’t go my way or only have a good day if they do.

By living this way you give your control away; you are actually giving your power away, leaving it in the hands of all other things and beings but you; your happiness is dependent on outside and external experiences. This is a very temperamental and fragile way to operate because at any moment your mood can be brought up and equally brought down, but with the addition of a few practices you can begin to create a healthier and stabilised way of living. It just requires us to get focused in on becoming more content, doing this often and a decision not to allow ourselves to be controlled and managed; contributing to a calm internal state, not a chaotic space.

Wouldn’t you like to just feel great… not “if this happens”, “even if that happens”; no compromises? I think that sounds like a power plan!

See the graph below for a visual perspective on this.

It’s really very simple; and even more simple to see how we can get sucked into the unforeseen, unexpected, things that aren’t in our control, even things we can control but give it away to.

Notice in the graph that on Monday for example, mood starts out low with it raining, but increases once a call from the other half is received, however falls when a check on an Instagram post reveals only one like and drops even further being stuck in traffic and all this before having reached the afternoon – it is a very common but unsteady way to live and happiness that is sought cannot and will never be gained by living in this way.

Many wake up and “see how they feel” before they decide or begin doing, others wake up and get into a feel by following a regularity.

Dependent on the scale of the circumstance this will require a small/ large/ little practice/ more practice;  but equally the outcome remains the same – the more you practice being still and developing inner stability, the more power you retain.

This is largely looked at in Mindfulness.