I battled with anxiety. Very literally: head to head; it’s an unkind experience. I’ve seen others in their own personal struggle. I’m seeing it now on TV, a raising of awareness and this is amazing because it was not so long ago that Mental Health was being hushed as something to be ashamed of, quietly swept into a bubble. With this awareness, however, how many of us know to confront it, approach and tackle it? Is it being tackled or are we just seeing a rise as awareness grows? There is not one way or an easy way. It is a gradual process of care and change. Among my library of books that include everything from Philosophy, Politics, Business, Fashion are a collection covering Mindfulness – the very first book I purchased on Mindfulness was in WHSmiths back in 2011, called A Rough Guide to Mindfulness and the last book I bought was Meditate: How, Where, and When courtesy of Inner Space, Covent Garden – Brahma Kumaris https://www.innerspace.org.uk/ who have been and still are an extremely huge part in my progress and personal development. I speak on Mindfulness and Meditation because both do unbelievably incredible and positively powerful things to the brain – and this is the brain housing all the haunts and taunts of Mental ILLS and the brain that is also “putting up” all the power to pull yourself together – yes, you have the power!

Every time I see a heaviness in someone’s mental state or the effect of feeling trapped in taunting thoughts it pierces me like it’s my own experience and takes me back to a time when I would wake up and wish it was time to go to bed so I could “miss the day” and spare myself the strain and weight I was carrying around in my head but they are exactly that; 1. A thought and 2. A lie that is believed and it’s so very important to know both can be changed.

I champion Self Teaching and in this area particularly, Self Help and it is purely because it is such a complex thing for others to understand and I often found myself feeling misunderstood, and not without the efforts of those around me but alone and unsupported and it’s only through my persistent approach and rebellious refusal to “pop pills” I found my way out; if people can know there is a way out of what feels like ever enclosing, moving walls in their mind and know where to access this and get into the groove of using it, they may just be able to help themselves and more importantly save themselves.

And so, here is my Mental Heal.th | Mind Wellness Guide to download; full of resources for anyone going through challenges, with loved ones facing a personal experience or just to educate yourself further in the area (no-one is exempt so it’s good to get into the know). The Middle (wo)Mans Guide to Mental Heal.th and Mind Wellness including: A list of Mental ILLS. / My Experience and Journey / Helpful and Harmful Uses/ Healing Aids/ Foods to include and avoid / Books / Positions / Organisations / Helpful Articles / Supplements / Breathing techniques / Meditation Resources and Information / Uplifting Activities and more.

Also included is my Thought Track and Train Journal to assist in moving out the old and destructive and the housing of new and healthier thoughts.

Imagine truly being able to just click your practiced thoughts into a puff of smoke?

Think of your thoughts in a bottle. Think of that bottle as a fizzy drink that you shake and upon release overflows with excess. That excess is your thoughts and feelings you don’t share. Mindfulness slows down the speed of thoughts. Halves the influx of thoughts. Allows time to respond to thought; Why is this important? Because we can develop – in the hurry to halt or put on hold, an over processing; like a stressed person tries to halt that feeling with smoking; it is in the steps and doing them over and again that tricks the mind into a false thinking of ‘I now feel less stressed.’ Stress had been suppressed and now awaits to resurface and for the next puff of smoke. Mindfulness approaches this in a healthy manner.

Allow your mind to breathe.


What I try to make clear as most important about The MWEA is the foundation of it being a sounding board and support. At the very heart is a platform for people to be and become themselves, embrace creativity and talk. People need to talk. I talk a lot about silence, solitude, the self etc but growing up I did not have older siblings or cousins to say “if you need anything…” or “I’m here to talk” and I remember so well wishing that I did and maybe if I did I would have not bottled up so much; so I periodically make sure I let my siblings know this and that a very big part of this platform is coming together, freedom to talk, to be quiet, to be yourself and whatever allows you the space to claim your power.

Download here today; The Middle (wo)Man Guide To Mental Heal.th and Mind Wellness