Mayhem vs Mmmm with an O infront

Loud and busy not quite working out for you. Try quiet and still. Really, what I mean is just be a bit more mindful, actually a lot more, but we can start of little. The concept seems to frighten people, the word ‘meditation’ alone seems to send people into spaz, they malfunction at the word. The thing about it is though, loud and busy is not working out so great for a lot of people. Fast thinking and doing isn’t either. Much of the world seems to be walking with bricks on their shoulders and tree trunks on their mind. This is no way to live and it’s not very healthy either. Being mindful doesn’t have to be slow, it simply means a calmer conduct – by being intentional before the action and present during the action – that gets you to the same destination in a less chaotic way.

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