The Middle (wo)Mans Guide to Your Young Person at Home

It can be a daunting time. It can be a dangerous time. It’s a time where we see them develop in character, develop physically and mentally. It’s a time to loosen the reigns and we have to figure out how much, exactly. It’s a time to let go, but still be there to be present and available. As a parent/ guardian, we never really are off duty, with constant thoughts of how to do things, how to do better, am I doing the right thing, and so on. Young people have so many different stages to maneuver and filter through and I say filter because they have to learn what to engage and what to dodge, how to facilitate new feelings, what to do with them, become resilient, study, make friends and interact with the opposite sex – so whoever said they have it easy must have skipped through and time travelled pass that stage! This guide is your little helper in that it very specifically targets areas that present themselves, assisting you and allow you to engage them in being their best while growing through this time and acts as a standby reference for you, when meeting a challenge or in need of a little advice. What is absolutely clear is give them the platform to achieve and they absolutely will do – but parents need a little something something too!

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