The Middle (wo)Mans Guide to Unsuccessful Life Strategies

When we think about life, most of us don’t really think strategy. Many are just “winging it.” It becomes really easy to point fingers and look for others to blame, but that keeps us in a state of victim mode and we hold our own pity party and don’t grow. Some people don’t want to engage in personal growth, and that is okay, but the chances are your life is not exactly where you want it to be and the probability of it getting better is less likely if you remain in a stagnant and stale set of thinking that doesn’t serve you – you need to move your mind onwards to allow you and move you into a space of success. The Middle (wo)Mans Guide to Unsuccessful Life Strategies exposes the common traps we fall into under different circumstances and highlights the flipside/ opposite, discussing how taking ownership of yourself and your actions serves you better; as you do this, you reclaim your control and your power.