Creating Yours is an extensive but thoughtfully refined programme for 11-17 year olds. It’s common to see short courses run, a young person is told they have “potential” and they are given pointers to help reach generic goals, in the future and sent on their way. At The Middle (wo)Man Empowerment Academy I really do care, about each individual one – and am so excited by who they are and what they can become. I eliminate, introduce and reinvent, creating new avenues and platforms to encourage a firm foundation to move ideas along and into reality. Using a carefully thought out platform that sees each area of focus seamlessly slot into the next, from the last like a jigsaw, very cleanly piecing a well together set of activities and resources used to visit areas at a depth and angle that is not explored in mainstream education allowing for topics to compliment each other, as well as work independently – with the addition of this programme a well rounded education is succeeded. Some areas covered are Confidence and Self Building Statements; having a Vision and a Vision Board now; Direction and Focus; What Success means for you; Talents, Gifts and Goals. The number one thing that is done is to repeat, to reinforce – it’s not a two day course to cram information and move them along to the next person or organisation to work with – I am exposing them to new methods of thinking about themselves, their work, and the way they approach their work, creating and uniting ideas and identities; identities of greatness. Born independent to it’s now supporting peers, Creating Yours was created as a sole curriculum to catch the components that had fallen through the National Curriculum and educational establishments that focus on “setting up for the workplace” and form a carefully considered and designed programme to work alongside that, which supports “setting up” and sustaining themselves as well as accelerating academicly and professional attainment. Delivered either on a 1:1 basis on scheduled weekly pattern that suits schooling and other activities 10/12 weeks at once a week, 5/6 weeks working together twice a week or 4 weeks at 3 times a week or through school referral as 1:1 or in a group academic setting. Contact for further details. (Please specify if you are a parent/ guardian or an educational establishment).

Your Young Person: At Home™

As a follow up to Creating Yours, Your Young Person At Home is an extension of this platform to independently assist parents in the movement of their young person’s development to work in harmony and alongside the primary content outside of the core programme hours. This is designed to enlighten, further reinforce, keep a consistency and heighten their progression outside of curriculum, at home and so you, as parent/ guardian can become familiar with the tools and techniques that are used working with your young King | Queen maintaining their transformation and journey and also implement on your own terms to improve home life.

I work with the parent/ guardian to address specific concerns you may have or directly with young person ahead of establishing if the best course of action is the more flexible and creative Creating Yours or the more decisive and sharply delivered Your Young Person At Home is the approach best suited. Your Young Person; At Home supporting guide can be purchased independently or immediate 1:1 consultation and coaching can be arranged here for personalised and specific matters.

Parents: a student guide is also availavle to invest in; designed specifically for 11-17 year olds, Being Young In 2019 guide, for your young one is available here! Full of motivation, humour, activities – and a general helping hand at a time where they go and grow through so much it can feel overwhelming for them and you!

Mini Edits™

An appropriately, playfully adapted version of Creating Yours, Mini Edits™ is a platform that holds a series of term time/ after school/ summer holiday/ half term activities that approach/ target the same areas as in Creating Yours but in a more child friendly, interactive and engaging manner that is more receptive from their capacity of learning and understanding. Well thought out tasks that target confidence (how they feel about themselves), mindfulness (how they approach things, themselves and others), creativity (imagination, invention, fun) and practiced self-love (feeling good about themselves, staying inspired). Positive self-talk (things they can say when they are feeling down on themselves and as though are unable to achieve something, build resilience (inside and outside their education), helping to have a better, healthier approach and relationship with self). Delivered on the same basis as Creating Yours, parents can book directly to deliver curriculum/programme 1:1 with child or a school referral to facilitate up to a classroom of students. Additionally, book on to a Mini Edit day; dates to be added. Use contact form to get in touch.

The Self Series™

Addressing matters of the self; an adult friendly of Creating Yours, this is focused on the more mature age range at 18+. Many reach a stage where they question what direction to go in, their position and if it’s right for them, if there is more for them to accomplish and what direction is best for them. Often, in some professions and industries, many express an opportunity as being their “last chance”; “it’s now or never” or frequently, a redundancy is on the cards, or a sudden or developed unfulfilled feeling and need for change and finding of purpose.

Many that are interested in self-improvement and soul searching to find them-selves get filtered through without acknowledgement with extraordinary skill and mind blowing talent because of age, lack of confidence and vision to develop and apply talent so The Self Series™ platform is used to reopen the doors to that potential success and develop opportunities that accommodate. This allows constructing a path that reshapes the thinking towards and creates an avenue to accommodate the talent and goal to keep the dream alive. The Self Series places a focus on all areas to do with the self. We tend to concentrate on the being with others and forming relationships; often to fill voids, but little time is spent with the self, exploring and working with the self and how we can become an improved edition and best version of the self with the use of simple practices. Self-improvement, self-awareness, self-love, self-worth are all imposingly important areas and they tie into each other closely in the way we see our self, carry our self, conduct conversation with our self and others and the delivery of our presence. Everything we do is a practice that has become a habit whether this be in action or thought and through the monitoring of this, replacing in thought will reframe and reshape the behaviour and reinventing you and your direction.

The Empowered; Employed Edition.

Life beyond Benefits™ This course is designed for those currently on or preparing to transition from benefits to the work place – long or short term. It’s very easy to develop a low self-esteem and a mindset of lack and scarcity during the period of which you are on benefits adopting a belief system that still remains once stepping back into the area of the workplace and having “signed off”, presenting some challenges in the way of self-belief, worth and esteem. The curriculum looks at the rebuilding of confidence and retraining thought processing using various exploration and empowering resources.

Press Play™ This course is for those seeking their next position in the workplace but struggling to find a role that collectively suits their circumstance; skills; financial requirement; goals and character to fulfil their primary purpose; we look at all these areas, past and present circumstances and future plans and how, from this a path can be created to continue from, a new avenue to open and explore, enterprise options and additional and multiple streams of income.

Mindfulness: Matters and Masters of the Mind™

Mindfulness is a five letter word; magic! There is not one person Mindfulness cannot benefit. Many are moving quicker in the fast pace and plenty demands of modern living, multitasking and juggling personal, professional and social affairs: where to eat for lunch, what to cook for dinner, what time is my exam, where has my meeting been moved to, who’s picking up the kids, let me check Twitter, is the train delayed; none of which you are quite there yet – infact it’s only 7.45am you’ve barely put your self together for the day – does this sound like you? I want to get more people in the moment, reacting less; and those that are, to notice where they can step in on themselves and amend their next movements and behaviours by adjusting their thoughts; (through practice and repetition) it’s that simple, improving health, wellbeing, relationships and so much more. Patterns of thinking and belief systems have been instilled and comes from a practiced way of perceiving and receiving matters and circumstances and this results in reactive and habitual (subconscious) behaviours. Without realising and acknowledging, this is where the core problem lies in anger based and fear based conflict which has become most prevalent in today’s youth and society in general – it’s practiced thought responses to disliked behaviours and patterns without knowing what to do or how to approach and conduct emotions, violent impulses are adopted and difficult to control in the moment; mindfulness allows the interception and exclusion of this and thereby lies the magic.

Think about if someone is squeezing your heart and the blood could not fluidly and flowingly pass through – this would cause a number of disruptions. Think about if someone squeezes your mind/ brain and the thoughts you are trying to formulate cannot come together because of the same concept. We must quieten down in order to allow for harmonious energy, movement and experience – child/ adult, school/ work, no exception – it’s necessary and vital. We’re asking of our internal (and physical) selves to work too hard and too fast. The MWEA Mindfulness platform intelligently and interactively addresses these areas exposing to a lighter, quieter but an empowered mind and fulfilled lifestyle.

As a physical and very personal practice, Matters and Masters of The Mind works better working directly with you however a corresponding guide is available to introduce or further inspire you into the wonderful world of mindfulness.

Vision Building: Vision Boarding Movement; The Dream Scene™

The Dream Scene™ facilitates moving ideas and goals and creating them into a visual reality to further develop them and bring them about in real life; your life.

A Vision Board holds so much more positive weight than just a few images on a piece of card. Cleverly arranged and engaged, it can be a game changer between you and your accomplishment, providing direction and focus and directing this focus into areas that are in line with what you are trying to achieve. It’s an interactive, inspiration evoking and equally fun way to move the idea you have in your mind and ‘turn the volume up’ on those ideas a notch, giving those ideas a firmer footing and foundation for their growth and expansion. Everyone can have one, everyone should have one and especially so, they should hold a vision for themselves and this is encouraged in this exciting and engaging platform.

Check out the Guides and Merchandise page should you feel for a little extra something before booking or are not quite ready yet – you can find these available for purchase here!